Opening Hours


How can I get there?
There are good road connections from the nearby towns from which you can reach by car or taxi. There are buses twice a week from the nearby town Tryavna and every day from Veliko Tarnovo to the neighbour village Voneshta Voda, which is only a few kilometers away from BalkanNomads. If you need transport arrangements, we will assist you in making your journey here as convenient as possible.

What is “Nomad Stays”?
BalkanNomads is a project primarily aiming towards people who are looking for staying long term, either Digital Nomads who are looking for a place to work remotely or travelers in general who wishes to stay in one place for a while for affordable rates.

Can I stay only one night?
Yes, at BalkanNomads you have the option to stay as a hotel guest in our rooms on daily hotel rates.